Religion Should Be Taught In Schools Debate

Leadership contests shamelessly reduce rational debate to the level … to opine on how or when anal sex should be taught in school. For that matter, in a dozen …

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The Table A setting to debate the issues of the day. Should we teach religion in public schools? And if so, how? To Teach or Not to Teach? By Cynthia N. Dunbar …

The Table A setting to debate the issues of the day. Should we teach religion in public schools? And if so, how? The Dangers of Religious Instruction in Public Schools

Debate whether or not religion should be taught in schools. Voice your opinion and learn more about each side of the debate.

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Should religion be taught in public schools? 52% Say Yes 48% Say No Yes it should be taught in schools. You can either teach he …

But greater diversity in “religion … and imams should be in charge of schools,’” the Mail tells us. Of course, the designation “teacher” references a general category and relates nothing about world view or what’s taught.


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Should Public Schools Teach Religion?They argue that it is a cornerstone of freedom and should be taught … of religion.” In 2004, the Supreme Court did give a nod of approval to the phrase “under God” being recited in the Pledge of Allegiance in elk grove unified school district

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We’re also thinking about whether we should be offering Islamic religious studies. So do children need to be taught by teachers who share … us Christians with …

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It’s not a healthy subject, and there is no debate, no argument … And that’s …

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