Is Religion A Force For Good In The World Debate

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Joseph Harker: Season of goodwill: I’d rather have a reminder of what I should be striving for than hear no message at all

To put things in perspective, India ranks a lowly 126th in the world in per-capita … non-sequitur to involve the Air Force in a structural integration exercise around …

In the week that militant atheist Christopher Hitchens challenges Tony Blair to a debate about God, we ask five leading thinkers: do we need a deity?

The debate about NDP leader … 1974 on a set of 45 secular and religious …

Sam Harris Religion Debate Contents They debate the Contents anxious minority Quotes photos. posters And sam harris 2011-04-12  · The second annual God Debate features atheist neuroscientist Sam Harris and Evangelical Christian apologist William Lane

Yes it is. Sure, religion has been used to justify some wars in history, but the good from religion far outweighs the bad. For instance, the vast majority of …

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Puerto Rico is now at the center of the global debate about climate resiliency, the potential of renewable energy technologies, and the best way to transition away …

The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World - Full VersionMaybe, now the dust has settled a little on the cards vs concussion debate, it’s time further action was taken – more effective action. The game must indisputably address concussion. But the high tackle laws which ruined two …

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