Debating Religion Is Pointless

That is a reason why our TV debates are so noisy, so combative and so pointless. We need an honest debate on theory … their identity and their religion. Secular …

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Why you'll never win a debate against religionThe only certainty most people could claim is that, with the exception of gin and rollercoasters (no, yes), a black-and-white position on most things is pretty pointless and usually … Adversarial debate is how we handle things now. Forget …

This is why it’s often pointless to justify a sexual ethic on its own merit … faith when we’re talking to people who don’t share our convictions. We end up debating …

We will be replaced by generations that see things radically different about race, religion, abortion, housing, cars, the ownership society, and about guns. I can …

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After all, chicken rice can be considered the quintessential Singaporean dish that …

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2014-02-28  · During the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate on creation, Bill Nye was asked what would change his mind on the subject, he responded with "evidence". When Ken …

The point of debating it, like with most other things, is for each party to learn more about the opposing view. Your right in that atheists and theists will never come to an agreement on the existence of God or other things that have to do with religion, but the point of a good debate is for both sides to educate each other on their views.

2013-10-27  · Yes, debating religion is pointless and annoying to many people. Answering questions, on the other hand, can be helpful and even inspiring to the person who asked the question and others who may also be interested. Explanations are good: arguments not so much.

In the debate between religion and atheism, accusations of bias … If he is omnibenevolent, he will never allow pointless suffering. If he is an all-wise entity, he has real purposes for everything he does. A true religion would not ignore these

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