Debate Questions For Science Vs Religion

And no matter how hard they tried, eventually, the debate died out their …

And it also gives rise to new questions … for the importance of religion. It’s important to us that our students reflect on their religion. But we have religious …

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"Science Refutes God" Debate [FULL] - Intelligence Squared U.S.Reflections on the God Debate (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2009): Dawkins falsely considers that Christianity offers a rival view of the …

Reflections on the God Debate (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2009): I suppose that where science and religion come closest for the Christian …

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On Radical Faith and Post-Religion’ will be released by Zero Books in December. Paradise Lost (1674) is a consummate example of scientific literature. In it, John …

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It’s probably not wrong to label the narrative of Scientology as a fantasy, science … as a religion. But, considering that’s what her piece is about, I shall assume it is. In 2008 Richard Dawkins and Dr Mohamad Mukadam appeared on BBCs …

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