Sam Shamoun RUNS away from debating terrorism and genocide of the Bible!

Sam Shamoun confidently made the promise in the L.A. debate that he would debate the following topic, The Terrorism and Genocide of Biblical Christianity. I have recently contacted him by email to proceed, but now he has refused to debate. READ MORE

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Please click on the following link to find out the topics:
Topic of debate

Does Islam demand the death of all "infidels"??

Are terrorists following the example of Prophet Muhammed(P)???

Pastor George Saieg of MinistryToMuslims.com seems to think so and issued a challenge to any Islamic organization to prove otherwise:

The following debate took place on November 11, 2007 at Hope International University in Fullerton, California:

Event Flyer

CBN News Pre-debate interviews
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I the opening 25 minutes of the debate, I presented clear evidence from the Quran and Sunnah which refuted all of the false allegations of the Christian Ministry. Sam Shamoun was unable to formulate a counter-rebuttal and therefore RAN AWAY from all of the debate topics as clear defined in the pre-debate interview:


slay the Jews and Christians where ever you find them

They totally blame the mayhem and terror pouring out of Islamic lands on the religion itself.

Jews are pigs and monkeys - kill them

What is Jihad

"I really look at Osama bin Laden himself as a victim of Islam"

The debate topics was made clear to both parties and were linked on the event flyer.
These are the reasons why people are questioning if Islam is a religion of peace. Not the actions of Umar(RA), or Jizah. However, it is 'ok' if Shamoun wants to raise these as side issues... no problem. But he did not. Because he could not.

Therefore, be rest assured, the allegations of MinstryToMuslims are False. Islamic Center of Peoria as well as others are asking for an apology from Pastor George Saieg and Rev O'Neil Dozier. Details soon.

LATEST NEWS 12/05/07

Unlike Sam Shamoun, George Saieg of MinstryToMuslims.com appears to be keeping his word to debate the topic 'Terrorism and Genocide of the Bible', which he said will take place in Feburary 2008. If true, then it will be a first ever. Christians have avoided this topic. I will keep you posted on the latest development.


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Dirty Tricks: The unfair terms of the debate I was forced to accept

MinstryToMuslims.com did an abrupt turn and declared that they will determine all the rules. Thus, ExamineTheTruth.com will have absolutely no say so in anything! Thatís right... this means that MinstryToMuslims.com would dictate all terms to me, and I would not be allowed to have any input in how the debate should be conducted. The rules and format will be crafted around Sam Shamounís dictates... READ MORE

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