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*Update 6/26/05 Matt Slick declares to be demonic!



I think we are seeing a pattern here. And that is, when the ship of Christianity starts sinking under the scrutiny of cross-examination, a select group of narrow minded Evangelical Christian missionaries, will resort to openly telling lies to plug up the holes in an attempt try to salvage their sinking ship. I mean of course, that when confronted with the brutal truth, they will resort to lying to defend their “faith”.


This pattern of “lying to defend the faith from the challenge of Islam”, has been very accurately documented by The evidence is conclusive and unmistakable. Just as Dr. Robert Morey, Sam “The Sham” Shamoun, and Ali Sina (Atheist)  were unveiled as charlatans, who intentionally lied their “flock” to defend faith, now, Rev. Matt Slick B.A., M. Div of the Christian Apologetic Research Ministry has been recently apprehended and added to the list of liars.


In our public debate on Islam, Christianity, and Morality, I cornered Matt Slick to admit the obvious truth, which is, that there is nothing wrong with smoking marijuana, cocaine, or doing drugs. There simply is no condemnation in the Bible for this. You can download the debate file from my website so that you can verify what I am saying, here is the audio clip:


Download Now Part 3 (right mouse click and select "Save Target As")


I explained very clearly that, the Bible does not condemn using a computer or driving a car, therefore, the logical conclusion is that it must be ok to drive a car or use a computer. Using the same common sense, if the Bible does not condemn drugs, then it is ok to do. Rather, than coming forward and admitting the truth, this is what Matt Slick retorted in an attempt to defend his religion:




"The drug issue in the Bible? You say that because the Bible does not condemn it therefore it is ok to do drugs? Well where does it say in the Bible that you can do your drugs? See, if you want to say where in the Bible say you cant do it, therefore, you can’t, and if you don’t… if it doesn’t condemn it therefore you can’t do it, well then, where in the Bible does it say it is ok to do drugs? So that it would be ok? It doesn’t say that at all either way."


Matt Slick attempted to argue that the rule (which is common sense) which I used on understanding the Biblical position is false.  Again, the rule which I applied to the Bible which I stated above, is:

"If the Bible does not condemn something, then it is not a sin to do."

Nevertheless, I immediately refuted this nonsense of Matt Slick in the debate. Now, notice, what Matt Slick says in his
article when asked if there was anything wrong with masturbating. Notice, this is the exact same question I asked him in the debate, except the issue was drugs, here is what Matt Slick had to say:



"The Bible does not discuss masturbation at all.  This seems a little odd since it is such a strong and prevalent human event.  And, given that Leviticus has so much to say about sexuality, one would think it natural that the subject would be covered.  But it isn't.  Masturbation is not specifically declared to be sinful.  Nevertheless, we must be cautious to pronounce something to be sinful or not sinful when God has not discussed it." 


This is outrageous!  Matt Slick applied to the Bible the very same rule which he condemned me for in the debate! This is blatant hypocrisy. Therefore, when I stated this rule in the debate, Matt Slick knew that what I had stated was indeed true, but inspite of that he INTENTIONALLY decided to tell a lie with the intent to mislead the audience, in a futile attempt to defend Christianity. He was also caught on a different occasion lying in the debate, when at one time, he said, the holy ghost convicted his wife to wear a 1 piece bathing suit, then in the question and answer session, he claimed he never said that. But I dismissed that lie as an act of stupidity.


In conclusion, we would request Matt Slick to issue an apology to for his dishonesty. We would insist that there is indeed a pattern, of "lying to defend the faith from the challenge of Islam" . These are not isolated occurrences. We hope that this sends a strong message to the narrow-minded Evangelical Christian missionaries which is, 

“we are on to you.”

As the round up continues!



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