Ali Sina of on the run!!

*UPDATE* Nadir Ahmed responds to Ali Sina’s "How to put to shame the shameless?”

Ali, you can run, but you can not hide. After our online debate, in which Ali Sina was publicly humiliated and exposed as a atrocious liar, he has refused to post the debate on his website’s debate section. The reason of course, is very clear. He does not want his viewers to see how badly he was defeated and embarrassed. This freedom loving man, has resorted to censorship.

But, Dr. Ali Sina, it is my unfortunate duty to inform you that your attempts to hide our public debate will fail. The reason being, is because my website, has been taking a pounding from people doing searches on your name and website! But don’t take my word for it, my dear respected Doctor, do allow me to share my website stats:


As you can see, your name alone, brings about 9.5% of my search engine traffic. Not counting your website name.

I think it is amazing, that this guy will post debates with people who are virtually unknown, like "Afra", "Zeeshan", "Maryam"… for God sake for all we know, these people could be teenagers coming home from soccer practice, logging on before supper, and finding Dr. Ali Sina’s website!

And lastly, It is ironic, that a few months after the debate, his forum "mysteriously" crashes and the debate was lost from his site. But during our debate, I had a inclination, that Ali Sina was going to pull a fast one, and because of that, I saved the entire debate on my harddrive.

Therefore, this is a public challenge to you, to air the debate on your website, and please don’t give us any of these excuses: "Oh no.. you see Nadir Ahmed of is very very bad man … yes indeed very bad!"

  Update: Some time after this post, Ali Sina grudgingly posted the debate on his website, but it is placed in a very obscure place where few people can find it J. You can find it somewhere here, good luck. In addition to that, he refused to isolate our exchanges, which is what the debate consists of from other people’s comments making it VERY hard to follow.

Nevertheless, Ali Sina has cowardly ran away from my challenge to debate over which can be done 100% anonymously.  My challenge still stands.