Debate Review:


Is Muhammad(P) a True Prophet?


Osama Abdullah vs. Sam Shamoun




The foolish, ignorant and sloppy Osama Abdullah smashes the Bible irrevocably, and exposes Sam Shamoun’s Lord and Savior as nothing more than a “rat” on the run, thus winning the debate.


Osama Abdullah, has to be one of the worst debaters I have ever seen. He had probably one of the worst performance imaginable, and because of his stupidity, he was a complete embarrassment for Islam. For the most part, he was self contradictory, delusional, and at times out right absurd, but in spite of all that, in the end, he pulled through and won the debate, proving Prophet Muhammed(P) was a true Prophet and the Bible a corrupt document. To Sam Shamoun’s credit, he did do a good job of exposing Osama Abdullah as a fool who conducts shoddy research. The over confident Shamoun clearly demonstrated that Osama’s website is well over rated, and is not all that meets the eye, as Osama would like people to think. But that is where it ended for Shamoun.


 Overall, debates in general are quite useless. That is because, as I pointed out in my article, the vast majority of the people listening will not even bother to take the time to really study the material presented in the debate. In my opinion, the average person retains about 15% of the arguments discussed in the debate. A person would have to take notes, and listen to the debate at least a few times to really understand the arguments presented and correctly decide where the truth resides. People simply don’t want to do that. When I questioned people about my debate I had with Sam Shamoun, in which he was utterly humiliated, I recalled that the only thing people remembered was when I bashed Shamoun with S. 4:157, or when I exposed him as a liar in front of the entire audience. I would ask them the question, “do you remember any other arguments?” and almost all of them would say, “no”. This is because, when Muslims and Christians attend a debate, they do so for the purpose of seeing their opponent “defeated”, they are really only interested in seeing their man stick it to the opponent, and the banner of their religion raised high. But if that was the criteria, then there is no question that Sam Shamoun badly defeated Osama Abdullah, as he humiliated Osama on many occasions, and tossed him around like a small child. Shamoun clearly blew the trumpet for Christianity and conducted a Olympic opening ceremony like celebration for his religion, while Osama Abdullah sat silent and watched Shamoun’s firework festival, as he could not as much as even light a candle to celebrate his own miserable faith. Therefore, from that angle, Shamoun clearly won, as he emotionally swayed the audience with his smoke screen.


But to a skeptical discerning mind, the Abdullah - Shamoun debate revealed something quite different than what meets the eye. To start off, the very topic of the debate tells all. This topic, which was selected by Sam Shamoun was an act deception, and the guile Osama foolishly fell into Shamoun’s trap. Shamoun intentionally picked a topic extremely broad, which can host literally thousands of different subtopics as I exposed in my challenge to Answering Islam. The strategy of Shamoun in this debate was clear, he was hoping to select a number of subtopic, which Osama would not be familiar with, therefore, he would not be able to respond to Shamoun’s argument. Shamoun would then shoot his hands up in the air and declare VICTORY FOR CHRIST!!! But this strategy proved to be a double edged sword, as it backfired and hit Shamoun on the head badly, as Osama hit Shamoun with several points in which he was completely unable to respond to, rendering Shamoun to spamming the entire audience with websites where he thought the answers to Osama’s challenges may reside. Shamoun volunteered pathetic excuses of why he was not willing to refute the arguments, by saying that this was not the time for it, rather it is only time to make his opening presentation, and again, he said this is time for closing statements! The following is an analysis of the main arguments presented in the debate, which were the determining factor for who won the debate:



Osama Abdullah’s attack on the Holy Bible.


Sam Shamoun’s attack on the Holy Quran


Is the Bible the standard to judge the Quran?


Shamoun’s God ran like a rat from King Herod.


Prophet Muhammed(P) in the Bible.



In conclusion, Answering Islam proved to be quite ineffective as Shamoun failed to produce one single valid argument against Islam. Although Sam Shamoun presented an amazing illusion of victory to the audience with his triumphant slogans and array of fireworks. Osama on the other hand, was dull and boring, but he when he fired away at the Bible, all his shots were a direct hit. After hearing the debate, I have to ask myself, how can Christianity be true? How can the book which contains contradiction be from God, but the book with no errors is from Satan????  How can a true All Mighty God run from King Herod? This is what the viewer is left with!!! Therefore, it is clear that Islam is the true religion, and Prophet Muhammed (P) is indeed the true Prophet. Sam Shamoun can sing the praises of his God all day, and beat the drum of victory all he wants to in the debate, but nothing can erase these cold facts from an intellectual mind.


Answering Islam responds..






Osama Abdullah’s attack on the Bible.


Osama started out demonstrating that there were gross contradictions of the Bible. He pointed out that we don’t know who wrote the gospels as he pointed out that the gospel of Mathew was written in the third person (Mt. 9:9). He demonstrated that the Bible was written by mysterious people, he quoted form the NIV Bible as Osama stated, “serious doubts exist of whether these verses belong to the gospel of Mark”.




Was this issue related to the topic? The answer is, YES. Whether if the Bible is corrupt or uncorrupt is very much related to if the Prophet Muhammed(P) is a true prophet. Virtually, the entire presentation of Shamoun’s dealt with this fact. I have also identified this topic as a related topic in my challenge:


Fourth night: "Is the Bible reliable?"



Therefore the Bible is very relevant!!! That is how Ahmed Deedat won so many converts: Deedat smashed the Bible, which made Christians THINK, if this the Holy Bible is not true, then which is the true religion of Christ? Proving the Bible to be corrupt proves a very central doctrine of Islam.



Shamoun’s defense:


NOTHING. Shamoun was literally crippled as he was not able to refute a single argument against the Bible. Shamoun only responded, that there are some refutations on his website or Osama’s attack. But the debate is not about how many articles you have on your website, nor how great it is, the debate is about the whether your articles on your website can stand the scrutiny of cross examination in a public debate!!! Can these arguments within your articles on your website be refuted? … Can these arguments hold water!!! That is what this debate is about. This debate, was a test of those arguments in your articles on your website, not whether you have a articles present !!! This canard of Shamoun proved that he was not able to refute the Bible errors. But this is not the first time Shamoun was humiliated, in a previous debate, Shabir Ally hit Shamoun with an attack on the Bible, and Shamoun simply refused to respond, and just started passing our articles. Shabir Ally specifically checked Shamoun on this behavior, and reminded him that this was a public debate, and he is to respond to his allegations… Shamoun still refused. Answering Islam’s Dr. William Campbell also fell prey to Dr. Zakir Naik in their “Great Debate”, as Dr. Naik exposed the Bible’s grave defects, as Dr. William Campbell just like Sam Shamoun, was totally crippled and could not respond.

Therefore, in 3 back-to-back debates Answering Islam was systematically destroyed as they could not defend the Bible from the Muslim charge of corruption. Therefore, Osama smelt blood, as he continued to bring up this matter through out the debate, that the Bible is corrupt.






Sam Shamoun’s attack on the Holy Quran.


Shamoun's attempt to show errors in the Quran was mediocre at best. Even the must gullible would not be convinced of Shamoun’s attempt. Osama’s responses were not much better either. Shamoun exposed the false mythology of Osama Abdullah as he tried to use hadeeth to respond to Shamoun. The problem with that is he would not allow Shamoun to use hadeeth to prove his point! Every time Shamoun would bring up a hadeeth for his case, Osama would dismiss it as a fairy tale. This is a complete double standard. Shamoun claimed that there is a historical error in the Quran because the date of the Roman victory over the Persians mentioned in the Quran contradicts what is written in Encyclopedia Britannica. But common sense would dictate that if can be very possible that Encyclopedia Britannica is wrong, and the Quran is right.


Then Shamoun accused the Quran of error when the Quran talked about the night journey what is the farthest mosque. Shamoun claimed that place is Jerusalem according to hadeeth and there was no mosque at that time in Jerusalem. Osama silenced this canard, by showing from the Arabic language that any place where you prostrate your head can be considered a mosque.


Shamoun also stated that the Quran talked about number of Earths,  and heavens being 7. Scientist have not discovered this. But again, common sense can refute Shamoun’s claim, as this is a argument from silence. It may very well be, that the scientist have not discovered what exactly the Quran is talking about. Wahab Bin Munabih and Tabari says these are flat. Well, may be they are.. we will find out for sure if they are ever discovered.


I don’t even think the most sympathetic Christians could be swayed by Shamoun’s arguments.






Is the Bible the standard to judge the Quran?


In a very rare moment of the debate, Osama Abdullah actually made sense when talking about Islam. For once, his thoughts were coherent and non-contradictory when explaining the Islamic position of the Bible. So much so, that Shamoun could not refute a single word of Osama. Osama stated very clearly for Sam Shamoun, that there is some truth of Gods words in the Bible, but the Bible has been clearly corrupted according to the Quran.



Osama quoted S. 4:157 showing that the writers of the Bible had no certain knowledge and that they are full of doubts, as Osama stated:


“parts of the NT that claimed Jesus was crucified are indeed false as far as Islam is concerned, they are not correct, those who follow them have no certain knowledge and they are full of doubts”


In addition to that, Osama quoted S. 2:79 showing that the writers of the Bible wrote the book with their own hands implying that they corrupted the Word of God. He also used S. 5:41 showing that the Jews “changed the words”. Therefore, he stated that the parts which of the Bible, which agreed with Islam, is accepted as evidence, and Muslims would have to reject what disagrees with the Bible as being false.



Shamoun’s defense:


NOTHING. Shamoun was unable to refute the fact that the Quran viewed the Bible to be corrupt. He had absolutely no response for S. 4:157 , S. 2:79, and 5:41. Rather then admitting the obvious truth, out of shear arrogance Shamoun decided to INGNORE THE EVIDENCE and declared the following:


“no passage of the Quran says the text of scripture has been corrupted”


Sam Shamoun refused to acknowledge the evidence (S. 4:157, S. 2:79) as if it did not even exist!! He became deaf, dumb and blind. This is simply irrational behavior. He then started showing where the Quran praises the Bible, (4:136, 2:185 , 16:123, 42:15,6:89), and stated that Muslims should:


Follow the religion of Abraham


if you are in doubt, ask those who received the book before thee


follow the prophets


believe in the books


say: I believe in what ever book Allah has sent down


Follow their guidance (the prophets before them)


He then spun his own personal interpretation, that all these verses mean to pick up a Bible and use that as a infallible source of the Prophets and guidance. But this Shamounian interpretation SINKS in light of S. 4:157 , S. 2:79, and S. 5:41 which proves that the Bible has been corrupted and can not be used as a reliable source for the implementation of the verses quoted by Shamoun! The problem is that Shamoun is in denial of the facts. He is a sick person. Please keep in mind that Shamoun was also exposed in my debate with him on this very same issue, in which he was utterly humiliated.


But as I thought of this wacky Shamounian interpretation, it would be clear to any Muslim that this is complete foolishness, because the Prophet Muhammed(P) did not walk around with a Bible under his hand, nor did he teach people to go to the Bible to implement these verses. The guidance of the prophets as well as the “sabeel” the way of the Prophet is contained WITHIN the Quran itself, and the Prophet used the Quran as his guidance. Not the Bible.



  Then based on this false premise, he concluded that the Prophet Muhammed(P) must be judged by the Bible, as he stated:


“Muhammed is to be tested by the Bible and the prophets of the Bible. Not the other way around”


Shamoun then spent nearly his entire attack against Islam based on this false premise, as he judged the character and morality on Islam against Biblical teachings.






Shamoun’s God ran like a “rat” from King Herod.


Osama insulted Shamoun’s God by claiming that his God ran like a rat from King Herod to Egypt. Osama also pointed out the foolishness of believing any such man who would do this to be God. In addition to that, he also exposed the stupidity of Sam Shamoun's beliefs:


 “Mr. Shamoun quotes precisely, in precise manor, he does not give general quotes he analyses every letter to prove his trinity, but yet, the entire book he is quoting from is doubtful….”



Shamoun’s defense:


Nothing. Shamoun only took exception to the fact that Osama insulted his human God, which Osama did apologized for. But Osama again smelled blood, as he kept raising this issue through out the debate proving the fallacy of such a belief. Shamoun was dead silent on the issue of his God running from King Herod. Shamoun also failed to address the burning question. “is the Bible reliable enough to base theology on?”.