Examining Morality: Christianity or Islam?




TOPIC: "Life within the limits of Biblical and Islamic Morality"

COMMENTS: Does the Bible promote a decadent life style, like that of MTV spring break or "Girls Gone Wild" college party life? Doug Beaumont, who is currently on faculty at Southern Evangelical Bible College, was given an opportunity to provide a "second opinion" and cross-examination pertaining to the evidences presented in the Britney Spear's Morality debate conducted with Tektonics.org. This debate identified the Bible as one of the major contributing factor to the moral decay of America and the West, and further demonstrated that Britney Spears falls well within the Biblical moral lifestyle and does not contradict it. Both these debates, reconstructed the lifestyle of human society living well within the confines of Biblical morality. Thus, a great deal of attention was given to not violate any Biblical teaching in the reconstruction. Then this moral lifestyle was examined and compared to the moral life in the United States, and an amazing match was found. Finally, very few objections were raised pertaining to Islamic morality, which was presented as the key solution to fixing the problem of moral decay in our societies.

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TOPIC: "Islam, Christianity and Morality"

COMMENTS: Do these religions, which are centuries old, address the problems of today's world? Are believers in these religions really encouraged to live moral lives once they accept faith or can they "get by" with putting a lukewarm amount of effort to fight sin and still be guaranteed heaven? Could a religion like this really keep a society on the straight path in today's world? This debate attempts to answer these questions. The Christian representative was Matt Slick B.A., M. Div. webmaster of Christian Apologetic Research Ministry . For this debate, please use my references to follow along. Click here:

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TOPIC: "Britney Spears vs. Rebecca St. James debate Morality."

COMMENTS: An overzealous Christian rock star Rebecca St. James tries to pass judgment on Britney Spears, for her "immorality", and some how, tries to pass herself off as more "moral" and the ideal girl. But this self-appointed spokeswoman for God is about to get a rude awakening, as we ask some very troubling questions about what exactly does the Bible teach as to how short your skirt can go? Or just exactly how far can you go on a date with your girl/boy friend according to the Bible? The answers will shock you! This hot topic breaks out in an all out debate as top Christian apologetic website Tektonics.org rushes to the defense of the so-called Bible based family values read more...



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