TOPIC: "Quran and Modern Science"

COMMENTS: Is the Quran the Word of God? This debate *proves* that the Quran could not be authored by man, rather a greater source had to have been the author of the Quran. Denis Giron of , is one of the most advent opponent of the Quran and Modern Science in the world today, and has done extensive research and debates on this topic. Denis Giron is also a writer for The Secular Web, and has co-authored books with Ibn Warraq. For this debate, please use the alogrithm or written transcripts to follow along. Near the end of the debate, Denis Giron finally admitted:

"Now finally Nadir, said:
what is the source of all of this information? That was another direct challenge that he gave me. And….uh… I’m not going to answer that question because….. I think….. I can't. Nor, was it my objective..."

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Written Transcripts

CAUGHT ON TAPE!!! - 3 Minute video

Christian scholar RUNS away from the CLEAR evidence for Islam !

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