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Praise is due to Allah, we have had over 3 wonderful debates, all of them resulting in the total humiliation of Answering Islam (a pro-Israeli/anti-Islam website) , you can download the debates from my website, please click on the link below:

Click Here: The Answering Islam Debate Trilogy!


Sadly, I donít think there will be anymore public debates with the Answering Islam team (who are staunch supporters of Israel). The reason is quite simple, Answering Islam is now very cognizant of the fact that they can not "win" a debate against knowledgeable Muslims, and now, resorting to filibustering tactics. The Answering Islam team have now refused to debate narrow, well defined topics anymore, like the one me and Sam have had done in the past, rather they are now only willing to debate broad titles, which host 20000 different subtopics. The reason is simple. If one of their arguments gets refuted in the debate, they can then easily "shotgun" their opponent with several red herrings and drag the debate into a quagmire, because they know that their opponent could probably only have time to properly respond to 3 of the 7 allegations against their religion. After the debate, they can then smugly boast, that, "look, the Muslim debater could not respond to all these points which I bought up in the debate!". This is a very famous smoke screen tactic.

Anyway, in our debate, I challenged Sam Shamoun to debate me on the topic "Preservation of the Quran". But now, after the debate, Sam Shamoun is refusing to debate me, rather, he said, "no lets debate Is Muhammed(P) a Prophet first!" This was a very strange request, but I said, "sure no problem, but please lets narrow the topic down a bit, right now the topic is too broad, for example all of the following sub topics are directly related to Is Muhammed(P) a Prophet:

Preservation of the Quran

Moon God myth

alleged inconsistencies

alleged scientific errors

Are Arabs Ishmaelite

Scientific miracles

Attributes of Allah in the Quran

Prophet Muhammed(P) in the Bible

Prophet Muhammad(P) and the Making of Wills

Quranic prophesies

What the Quran says about the Bible (corrupt or uncorrupt)"?

Alleged Pre Islamic influences

the young age of Aisha (R)

Is Islamic peaceful

did the crucifixion really happen

communication of ants in the Quran

Islam's view of Paul

Prophet Muhammad(P)'s Night Journey and Ascension to Heaven

concept of Tawheed in Islam

Jesus or Muhammad(P): Who is God's True Seal of Prophethood?

Alleged variant readings

Is their any idolatry in Islam


The Birth Narratives of Jesus in the Quran

Prophet Muhammed(P) and the making of wills

What is the Holy Spirit in Islam

Definition of Trinity in Quran


The Truthfulness and Integrity of The Recipient

The Literary Challenge

The Internal Evidence

The accurate description of embryology in the Quran

Is their shirk in Islam

who is the Angel of the Lord in Islam and Christianity

Did Waraqa Ibn Nawfal invent Islam

Objective evidence for the inspiration of the Quran

And much moreÖÖ..

I volunteered to Sam Shamoun, It would be ridiculous to try to squeeze in all of these related sub topics in one debate, rather, lets pick a topic together for the debate in which we can discuss perhaps 1 or 2 of these sub topics per night, and have a series of debates, I am ready to debate each and every single sub topic listed above, we can call it the "Is Muhammed(P) a Prophet debate series". Or lets debate your articles which you write on Islam, and see if your arguments are sound, this would be my challenge to you. This is only logical. Upon hearing this, Answering Islam REFUSED! It then became very clear that Answering Islam was in reality looking for a way out, and this was only a "face saving" tactic to hide their true cowardice. In light of all of this, I would ask the readers of this article to ask the Answering Islam team the 3 deadly questions:


  1. Why did you refuse to narrow down the broad topic and commit to specific topic like you had in your debate with Nadir Ahmed? What do you hope to accomplish by squeezing in so many sub topics in one debate?? WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF??????


  1. Why did you run away from Nadir Ahmedís challenge to debate per article on your website? How do you expect your followers to believe what you are writing about Islam is true if you refuse to open up to cross examination???


  1. Why have Silas, Quennel Gale, Jochen Katz not step up to meet Nadir Ahmedís challenge to them in the ahmed-shamoun debate? Why are they hiding from him? Especially in light of the fact that Nadir stated, "we will hunt them down, and bring them to justice!"


I think to get a better idea of why Answering Islam is running from the challenge of debate, is to look at the past 2 encounters in which they attempted to debate Muslims on Islam.

As for the first debate, Answering Islam has come forward and has publicly admitted complete defeat, but as for the second debate, they are dragging their feet (hoping that people wont listen to the debate and just take his word for it). Therefore, I would like to comment a bit on the second debate. Allow me to remind Answering Islam what took place that night in the "What the Quran says about the Bible" debate, in doing so, perhaps they will accept reality.

One of the high lights of the debate in my opinion, is when I confronted Sam Shamoun about him red handed LYING to his followers about the true status of the Bible. I mentioned that Sam stated:

"I donít believe anyone can corrupt the Bible"

"It is the pure word of God"


And he agreed with a group of Jews that the Old Testament was 100% the Word of God. But now, prepare for the shock. When Sam Shamoun is confronted with Biblical Scholars or qualified critics of the Bible, this is what Sam Shamoun has to say about "uncorrupt", "pure", "word of God":


"No document of antiquity (referring to the Bible) has come down variant free, without corruption"

Sam continues, but we know where the corruption in the Bible is. So, to his blind congregation, Sam Shamoun champions the Bible as the uncorrupt and pure Word of God, but when knowledgeable people cross examine him, he calmly and plainly admits to them that the Bible is corrupt (but still good). I guess Sam figured that what they (his congregation) donít know wonít hurt them. I further challenged Sam repeatedly through out the entire debate to respond to this serious charge of fraud, yet he refused to and ducked it, till he briefly stated what he believed about the Bible in the question and answer time, but could not dismiss the serious charge of fraud nor even attempt to challenge my allegation. Therefore, this is pure deception, and a deliberate attempt to mislead unwary people. And it is this type of fraud, which has earned Sam the title:



Sam "The Sham" Shamoun


And lastly, we can not forget what took place in the question and answer period. To be very honest, I donít think I have ever witnessed such a moment. Answering Islam was clearly refuted and had no response with the following verse:

(referring to crucifixion) and those who differ therein are full of doubts. They have no (certain) knowledge, they follow nothing but conjecture. For surely; they killed him not [i.e. 'Iesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary) ]: (An-Nisa 4:157) 

The point was made that the Christians follow the Bible in which they get the story crucifixion, and the Quran calls it conjecture (corruption). Rather than doing the honorable thing, and honestly coming forward and admitting, "fine, ok, you got a point", Sam Shamoun remained defiant, stubborn and arrogant, yet, he could not refute this point. But, he paid for it dearly. What took place after that was probably one of the worst beatings that ever took place. For 30 long grueling minutes, Sam was belted with this one verse, unable to refute it, Sam simply tossed and turned, frothing at the mouth, hurling insults, but he could not respond to this verse. To be very honest, witnessing Sam Shamoun in those conditions, I felt that I was performing an exorcism for those 30 long minutes. Up till now, I still donít know what possessed Sam Shamoun from not coming out and admitting the obvious, surely, he would not have to go through that torture. And finally, all of this may be hard to digest for Answering Islamís fans, I can appreciate that, but I would invite you to take a look for yourself and see if what I am saying is not exactly as I stated it in this article, you can download the debate from my website:



UPDATE: Sam Shamoun caught on tape running from !

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