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Morality Debate



The purpose of this article to provide a "bird’s eye view" of the Morality debate (which you can download from my website), and to make people understand the points which went unrefuted and *proven* to be true. In order to really understand this debate, and where the clear evidence resides, a person would have to carefully make a study of the debate, and perhaps hear it more than once. Actually, all the debates on www.ExamineTheTruth.com should be heard several times in order to get the full picture. Although, based on my personal experience, I would guess that 80% of the visitors to my site are not going to invest that much effort.

Therefore, I decided to write this article to give the main points that were discussed, and the arguments, which were clearly proven, but may be easily overlooked by a non-observant viewer. You can easily verify what ever I have mentioned in this article, by simply downloading the debate and listen to it yourself.


‘The problem with Biblical Christianity’

The following question was posed to both Islam and Biblical Christianity:

Sin is very tempting. It is a constant allurement, and has a captivating effect on our soul. Therefore, it is only natural for man to ask, "how many sins can a believer get away with, and still go to heaven?" After all, who wants to work harder than they have to, why not have a "good time" in this life as well as the next?

In this debate, it was *proven* that according to Biblical Christianity,

all you have to do are the following:

1. Believe in Jesus.

2. Repent (acceptance of error, and remorse) every once in a while, visiting church a couple of times a year to repent, perhaps on Christmas and Easter is more than sufficient.

Therefore, if a Bible following Christian full fills those 2 requirement listed above, he is able to continue to live a morally decadent life, filled with lying, cheating, stealing, raping, binge drinking, murdering, fornicating, and every other kind of evil, and still be guaranteed heaven. Not only does Biblical Christianity guarantees heaven for the repentful sinner who does not turn away from his sin, but Christianity promises the following:

  1. Complete Amnesty from questioning/judgment of sins committed in the worldly life. There is no individual accountability for the sins that a Christians commit according to the Bible. This is a stark contrast to Islam which teaches that each and every action a Muslim believer does, will be "played back" almost like a movie on the day of judgment and they will be questioned about it. Please see my references .
  2. There is no general summary or judgment of the Christians over all performance in regards to good and bad deeds.

So long as you believe, and repent, that is all that it takes to go to heaven. This repentance can be done once or twice a year. Although, it is also important to point out that the Bible does scorn a sinful lifestyle, and definitely encourages people to be "good", but, the Bible makes it clear that it does not matter if a believer is "good" or "bad", so long as they believe and repent, they will be guaranteed salvation. A good rule of thumb to remember is the following, "if good deeds do not save you, bad deeds do not condemn you".


‘The Christian defense: If you can not win them, confuse them’

Rev. Matt Slick, from the Christian Apologetic Research Ministry, represented the Christian view point. In his 25 minute presentation, he attempted to make a distinction between Christians who murder, drink, lie, cheat..etc. and Christians who don’t. And he concluded based on this distinction, one is going to heaven and one is not. Unfortunately, his evidence consisted of nothing but personal interpretations, baseless assumptions, and he relied heavily on his own personal religious experience as a being "real". In the period which followed after that, he knew very well that his arguments were indefensible, and then attempted to drag the debate into a quagmire by confusing the matters with his person subjective opinions and religious experiences, mingled with Bible verses taken out of context. In addition to that, he began to quibble and senselessly bicker with me for 40 long minutes, hoping that he can confuse the audience, as we shall soon see.


‘Matt Slick’s sends himself to hell’

In the part 3 of the debate, I quickly pointed out that, there is no difference according to the Bible between the Christian on the Las Vegas strip who is drinking, fornicating, cheating..etc and the Christian in the Church every Sunday, because, the Bible teaches that everyone is a sinner, and everyone including himself is covetous.

Matt Slick’s respond, that the Christians on the Las Vegas strip, are not Christians, because they are condemned by the following verse:

1 Corinthians 6:10

" Nor thieves, nor covetous , nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God"

I quickly pointed out, that Matt Slick is also condemned by the very same verse because it also says that the "covetous", which are people who would like to have more in life, will not go to heaven, and he as well as all Christians are "covetous"! Thus my statement about the Bible went unrefuted.

After seeing that his argument flopped badly, he then made a second attempt to try to show that the Christians on the Las Vegas Strip are going to hell, but his brand of Christians are going to heaven, and came up with a subjective theory, which goes something like this:

A real Christian is changed in side, the sinner asks for forgiveness, God does so, and he becomes a new creature, because of this, now we see his war against sin, so he wont dare to go to the Las Vegas strip and seeking out those prostitutes, drinking, gambling. He won’t SEEK it. The visible church are the ones that say, yea I’m a Christian, lets drink, party and screw around... the invisible church, are the ones who are TRULY SAVED, TRULY REGENERATE, they say, I can not do that. That’s the difference between the regenerate and the unregenerate.

Here is my point by point refutation of Slick’s theory most of which I refuted him in the debate:

A real Christian is changed in side, the sinner asks for forgiveness, God does so, and he becomes a new creature

The sinner on the Las Vegas strip does ask forgiveness, and that automatically leads to some kind of change. as I stated above, once or twice a year is more than sufficient to meet the Bible’s requirement. As for changes, perhaps in his view on life, who he likes dislikes, who doesn’t undergo changes?

because of this, now we see his war against sin

Almost every human being wages war against sin. But this "war", ranges from high to low, for example, some people may put forth a great amount of effort, some very little. But the issue here is that they do not have to change the evil behavior, simply put forth some effort to become better. Feeling sorry is a good enough effort. But it is also important to point out, that warring against sin is not a requirement to be saved, as Matt Slick also admitted in the debate.

because of this, now we see his war against sin, so he won’t dare to go to the Las Vegas strip and seeking out those prostitutes, drinking, gambling. He won’t SEEK it.

Once again, Matt Slick condemns himself to hell for a second time! Within the same verse it also talks about being "covetous", and almost all human beings are "covetous", including Matt Slick and we openly SEEK it and do it every day. Therefore, that means that Matt Slick is not regenerated and is not "warring against sin!"

The visible church are the ones that say, yea I’m a Christian, lets drink, party and screw around... the invisible church, are the ones who are TRULY SAVED, TRULY REGENERATE, they say, I can not do that. That’s the difference between the regenerate and the unregenerate.

There is no such teaching like this in the Bible. This is all Matt Slick’s corny interpretation. But, because Matt Slick is "covetous", and he SEEKS it, he is part of the visible Church, and he not TRULY saved, nor "regenerated".

Thus, Matt Slick’s canard was to no avail. He was refuted point by point, and after 40 minutes, he was completely shut down…. and was reduced to chanting the same mantra over and over again: .. I’m regenerated they are not…… I’m regenerated they are not…… I’m regenerated they are not……

And finally, it was also proven that the Bible does not condemn drugs, gambling, different types of sexual contact, promiscuous behavior and dressing. For more on this, please read the following article:

"Britney Spears vs. Rebecca St. James debate Morality"


‘My personal experience with Christians in USA

This topic on Morality in Christianity and Islam is a personal topic, which hits home with me. The reason is because, I lived in the United States all my life, went to high school here, and I vividly remember myself, as well as my Christian peers make these same type of moral decisions. In high school and college, no one wants to be "uncool", or some type of ‘wierdo’, rather, we (Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and the rest of humanity) all had an intense desire to "fit in", be accepted, be popular, partying and indulge ourselves in fun and extreme no holds barred hedonism, which would include a lifestyle of drugs, drinking, experimenting with different types of sexual contact, lude behavior, bar hopping, and many times, bar fighting. But, there was just one problem ….. and that was God. As a Muslim, I was forced at a young age to go and look up what my religion said about this type of life style, the reason is because, I wanted to find out what was the confines, or boundaries of my religion. One thing for certain, I did not want to exert more effort in abstaining from these worldly pleasures and fighting the temptation of sin, than what is needed to go to heaven.

What I discovered shocked me. Islam, completely forbade this life style, and told me of the consequences of living this type of living, in this life, as well as the consequences in the hear after. Islam, also provided graphic punishment, which served as a effective deterrent from indulging in this way of life, but it also provided an alternative way of life. This was bad news for me, because it put a major dent in my social life.

But, I was not the only one who was doing the contemplating. I witnessed hundreds of my Christian peers, grappling with the same dilemma, and just like me, they did not want to exert more effort in abstaining from these worldly pleasures and fighting the temptation of sin, than what is needed to go to heaven. But, they got a very different answer than what I received. They slowly, began to realize, the very same conclusions which were proven in the Ahmed-Slick debate on Morality. All they had to do to be right with God, and go to heaven, was:

  1. Believe in Jesus
  2. Repent every once in awhile, perhaps visit church a couple of times a year on Christmas and Easter, which is more than sufficient to meet this requirement of the Bible.

And they can indulge themselves in a completely decadent life filled with all types of sex, drugs, alcohol and you know the rest. These kids were smart. They did the "math" of the Bible, and quickly realized the clear, and unclear boundaries of the religion of Christianity, and they took full advantage of it. I think it is also important to point out, that these examples provided are not isolated cases, but they actually take place every day all across high schools and campuses around the United States.

Nevertheless, there was also a marginal group of Christians, who refused to see what actually Biblical Christianity really is. They decided to counter their fellow Christians who took advantage of the "freedom" that Biblical Christianity had to offer, and quickly formed a "Born Again Club". This club, then artificially produced their own moral values, and standards of right and wrong. Furthermore, anyone who did not conform to this standard, were punished by the pronouncement "they’re not real Christians!" One of the most prominent "Born Again Clubs" is Campus Crusade for Christ. The Goth crowd were one of the first to stand in opposition of this baseless concocted standard of morality, and created their own way of life.


‘The lifestyle which the Bible promotes’

If we were to live within the guidelines of Biblical Christianity, here is what we would find: Men and woman walking around in tight fitted, skimpy outfits exposing much of their parts like that of Britney Spears, her style of dancing is also completely allowed, each one engaged in flirting and indiscreetly seducing each other (there is no condemnation in the Bible for any of this), and not only that, but engaging in several if not all sexual acts except for sexual intercourse, engaging in "mashing", and all the free cocaine, heroin and marijuana that they desire. A good example of living within the confines of Biblical morality would be the "GIRLS GONE WILD" commercials on TV, or MTV's spring break parties. Please keep in mind, all of this behavior as mentioned above, completely falls within the guidelines of Biblical moral conduct. No wonder we have a screwed up society.

Islam clearly forbids this destructive lifestyle. Please see my references. The reason why I used the word promotes instead of allows, is because, it is the nature for the average human being seeks the path of least resistance, although not all. If 2 ways are presented before the average human, he is going to pick the apparent easier path. Therefore, the average Christian would like to live within the guidelines of Biblical morality, and not create "extra work" for themselves.


‘The Bible’s free cheese’

Therefore, Christianity as compared to Islam appears much more attractive, due to its "freedom" which is offers. In many Muslim Christian marriages, often times the children chose to become part of Paul’s Christianity because they desperately desire to be on the cheerleading team at school, engage in dating, experiment with different types of sexual contact, drinking, drugs, wearing "Britney Spears" type of dressing, lude or erotic dancing... all which is well within the guidelines of Paul’s Christianity. Prophet Muhammed’s Islam, on the other hand crashes the party.. and sends everyone home.

It is sad, that many of these kids at that age are not mature enough to see that they are being lured by a false prophet, Paul. May Allah save us from this wickedness. Therefore, the "freedom" which Paul’s Christianity offers, is a major marketing tool for his religion. You know the saying, "there is always free cheese in the mouse trap."

In conclusion, it was this deception which these "born again clubs" are engaged in, which inspired me to bring this matter of Islam, Christianity, and Morality to be unveiled for the world to see. After examining the evidences, there can be no doubt, that Biblical Christianity, is a huge contributing factor to the moral decay of America, and that Islam is the only religion, ideology in the world which can help America as well as the rest of the world out of its moral dilemma. I will challenge anyone to deny this.

Slick lies

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