Melvin Thomas a member of the Russell Road Church of Christ comments on the Virginia Beach Debate:


“If my review is reprinted I ask that the whole review be kept as I put it in my own words. I think that Mr. Wood lost the debate NOT because Mr. Nadir proved that the Quran is right but because Mr. Wood did not seem to know the Bible very well. It also seemed to me that this was Mr. Wood’s first debate. Mr. Nadir kept Mr. Wood on the defense and Nadir kept pressing him on questions that he asked Mr. Wood. I respect Mr. Wood for trying to defend Christianity, most so-called Christians will not do that but he did a poor job of it.


I hope Mr. Nadir posted the whole Nadir-David debate on his web site and not just what he wanted us to hear in his debate with David. Mr. Nadir has a debate coming up this March 2nd and 3rd 2007 with my brother in Christ James Maxwell. On those two days Bro. Maxwell will show Mr. David and the World how to debate and he will show without doubt that Jesus and the Bible is who and what we should follow today. He will prove that it is not Mohammed and the Quran. Let us see if Mr. Nadir will post the whole Nadir-Maxwell debate on his web site Video or Audio will be ok. I hope it will be video.”


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