the false propaganda of

Irshad Manji


Out of hate and ignorance, the Western media have declared a vicious propaganda war against the religion of Islam by promoting Irshad Manji’s polemics. Irshad Manji’s attacks against the Quran and her evil depiction of Muslims have been multiplied and propagated all over the world. I believe I speak for the vast majority of Muslims when I say that I am deeply saddened at this type of response from the West. We wished very much to build bridges and engage in fruitful dialogue to discuss the relevant issues pertaining to Islam, rather than propaganda.  

Irshad Manji’s polemics have all but been declared the *true* version of Islam by the West, and is now being shoved down the throats of one billion Muslims. But, if you think that the Western media will give equal time for qualified Muslims to present a counter view or to at least defend their religion from Irshad Manji’s smears, you can forget it. Only like minded or “progressive”, “Uncle Tom” Muslims are allowed by the media to represent Islam, even though these people are condemned and loathed by the overwhelming majority of Muslims around the world.

But, we at have a few tricks up our sleeves as we decided to meet Irshad’s mighty propaganda machine head on and expose the lies and deception of her “project Ijtihad”:


February 18, 2008 Updates:
Public debate: Is Islam a religion of Peace?
(After viewing this high-impact debate, it should be clear that Muslims are *INDEED* debating the tough issues of their faith, contrary to what Irshad Manji claims!
But rather, it is this coward Irshad Manji who is running away from debate! Therefore her bluff has been called.)




We’re making  progress: From hook nose Jew to hook nose Muslim


Deception of Irshad Manji's Ijtihad on Inter-faith Marriage


Riddle: Rose are red, Violets are blue, Imperial powers may kill Muslims, but Muslims kill Muslims too!

Islamic Community of Peoria, Illinois challenges Irshad Manji (coward Manji runs away!)










Irshad Manji’s distortions of Islam exposed:








A poor player that struts and frets his hour

upon the stage and then is heard no more;

It is a tale told by an idiot,

full of sound and fury,

signifying nothing.

(Macbeth Act V, Scene 5)








Lies Against Islam