29 April

Historical Blunder

Historical understanding of the Quran makes a big difference in how you view the teachings of Islam

When people approach the Jihad verses in Islamic scriptures, there is a common mistake due to their lack of knowledge of Islamic history which they make. That is, they make certain presuppositions before even opening the book. A common presupposition which many people assume is that Christianity is inherently a peaceful religion which spreads love, peace and tolerance. Therefore when we read Jihad passages in the Quran about fighting against them, we automatically assume that Islam is an intolerant religion and is instigating war against peaceful people. Read More

24 November

9 points on Apostasy in Islam

1. Strong condemnation against false propaganda
2. Christianity’s position on religious freedom
3. Just exactly how old is 'peaceful' Christianity?
4. Islam's position on religious freedom
5. The common Muslim has no right to implement Islamic law
6. Muhammad(P) never killed any apostates which existed during his life
7. Apostasy clause can be negotiated easily
8. There are no inquisitions to investigate suspected apostates
9. Only those apostates who beg to be killed are killed

1. Strong condemnation against false propaganda - Before we begin this topic, we must issue a strong condemnation for what is going on today. Read More

28 September

5 reasons for offensive Jihad

Offensive Jihad is when Muslims are ordered to take the initiative in fighthing non-believers. But why should they fight non-believers?

We first encourage you to watch the debate with Robert Spencer , and you may also look at some common objections. Here are the 5 reasons for offensive Jihad:

1. To rescue those who are suffering from pursecution and oppression
2. To fight on behalf of the non-believers
3. War will be waged for them on any enemy of theirs(Christians and Jews)
4. Fight to proctect monasteries, churches, synagogues and mosques
5. To confront a clear and present danger

1. To rescue those who are suffering from pursection and oppression. The Quran states in chapter 4:75...Read More

29 April

Jihad saved the Jews from Christian genocide

It looked like the end of Judaism in Judea. However, things were going on in the Arabian desert...

As stated in historical blunder Christians during the 6th century were the most violent, sadistic and intolerant people every recorded in world history. And were a clear and present danger that if not confronted, would unleash a brutal campaign of genocide, torture and barbarianism. Let us turn to history for more evidence. Read More