will pay for your flight, hotel, and meal expenses.



Sounds too good to be true? Go ahead, prove me a liar. As we have stated in our flexible debate policy, we are firmly committed to fair and balanced debate on matters pertaining to Islam and religious truth. Unlike other religions, Islam is firmly rooted in facts and evidence. Those who tread on this path, are on that "victorious path" which the Prophet Muhammed(P) spoke about, and they will be "victorious and saved"Ö and this is what we call the people to. The Quran is a book, which contains no errors, no discrepancies or changes. If an objective person were to "examine the truth" they would be forced to conclude that Islam is the true path for mankind. And we intend to prove it.

ExamineTheTruth.com frequently engages in debates, dialogues, and lectures dealing with various topics regarding Islam. At the same time, we encourage full cross-examination of our evidences and arguments, because we know that they are based upon facts, and are irrefutable. Therefore, we are willing to pay air, hotel and meal expense for all "prominent" critics, Islam bashers, or pseudo "Islam experts" to come debate us or challenge what we say. This means, that where ever we deliver a lecture, debate, dialogue in any public setting, we will offer to fly in any "prominent" critic to challenge us! Now, it just doesnít get any better than that. Unfortunately, we can not extend this invitation to everyone due to limited expenses, but only to "prominent" critics.

Now, we must ask you the reader, a few questions. Considering this great offer coupled with our flexible debate policy, why would these so called "Islam experts" who claim that they want to "expose Islam" not take advantage of it? If their anti Islamic propaganda was really based on true facts as their websites claim, why would they run like cowards? Do you allow a spineless person to represent Jesus? Donít you think they owe it to YOU to take up this challenge and see if their arguments really hold water? I will submit that there is no legitimate explanation other than they are not truthful about what they are relaying to you. I would also like to ask you if your own religion could duplicate this offer which we have extended. Think about it. When was the last time you ever saw Pat Robertson, Creflo Dollar, or your minister ever invite a critic to challenge the integrity of their religion?

In conclusion, I will predict that none of these pseudo "Islam experts" who pump gallons upon gallons of false propaganda on the internet, TV and bookshelves will dare to take up this challenge. This is because, they know that what they are saying about Islam are nothing but gross distortions, and out right deception. They have been take advantage of a very naÔve audience of Christians and Americans, and now, it is time to confront them. And, they are indeed scared.




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