GTTF Video debate series:

Is Christianity or Islam a Religion of Peace?


What does GTTF stand for?




Targeting children in war 

Forced conversions


There is a big difference between the teachings of the Bible and the Quran. The Quran clearly condemns GTTF. The Quran made it clear that genocide/terrorism is forbidden to practice and even gave clear instructions on how to avoid innocent civilians and protect children during the unfortunate event of a war.


However, the Bible takes a very different stance on these issue. The Bible fully endorses GTTF and provided many examples of devout followers of "Lord Jesus" committing genocide... especially chasing after little boys and girls, wrestling them to the floor… and stabbing them to death in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible verses which support GTTF are clear. We would ask that you view the debate on this topic to see the evidence:


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Debate: Is Christianity a religion of peace?

Dr. Daniel Scot vs. Nadir Ahmed

Fullerton, CA September 2008




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*Warning*: this debate series is fair and balanced. Equal time is given to both religions to state their case. strives to bring fairness and balance to you the viewer... under no circumstance will favoritism or personal bias will be given to any religion.


Now... let us challenge Islam and see what it has to say about GTTF:


Video debate #1 with *alert* Answering Islam has ran away!!!. They are refusing to conduct anymore debates with!

Contact email:



So, still not convinced that Islam condemns GTTF? :)


Text Debate #2 with *alert* Robert Spencer of runs away in the middle of a debate after being confronted with the evidence !!! He refuses to conduct anymore debates with!

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WOW! So far those are 2 Christians who have ran away like cowards from the truth! Are you still not convinced?? Then we present to you debate #3:


Audio Debate #3: with Christian_prince of Investigate Islam ( * ) <-- Arab Christian "expert" on Islam



OMG. are you still not convinced??? Let's move to debate #4!!


Audio Debate #4: with Craig Winn on the Mike Gallagher radio show - August 2005


Video debate #5 with Daniel Scot (coming soon…)


Unfortunately, virtually ALL Christian and anti-Islamic websites have ran away from debate. It appears as if they do not wish to discuss GTTF and what the Bible and Quran have to say about this issue. Here is a short list of the websites which have ran away from debating/discussing with



The situation has gotten worse - not only have the Christians abandoned debate/discussion but they have issued the following church mandate against



"I believe those of us, both Christians and Muslims alike,
 who are involved in public debates, and see the value in it,
and who want to see this sort of exercise continue,
must have nothing to do with YOU in the future..."


(quoting rabid Islamophobe Jay Smith of warning about the website)



To learn more about the church mandate against, contact David Wood of Answering Infidels or James White of Be warned - they will present to you a lot of pathetic excuses for why they issued this mandate and why these Christians are running away - don't accept them. Also, note how these Christians are targeting ignorant Muslims to debate with to make Christianity appear to be "true".


In conclusion, the arguments and evidences presented by are unchallengeable. They irrefutable, and based on solid facts which can be easily verified. This is the real reason why our opponents have fled the battlefield. If you feel we are in error in any of our arguments... we are ready anytime time to debate/discuss/talk about it with your pastor or learned man of your church. And we are even willing to pay for their accommodations.


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