Will it happen?

YES. It will happen. And it finally did:

 Congratulations are in order to Jalal Abualrub ( ) for bringing Craig Winn to *justice* on the Mike Gallagher radio show today, August 16, 2005!
You may download the debate here:

It is clear, both Christians and Muslims want this debate to happen. I have received emails from both friends and foe, who are looking forward to see this debate take place. Thus far, Craig Winn has been hiding in his spider hole like Saddam Hussein, from where he wants to write letters back and forth. This coward, is on the run, and we are right after him. There is no doubt, that if Craig Winn does not accept this challenge, it will be a major embarrassment for the "fans", a real let down. At this point, we are waiting for a "go ahead" from the Winn camp, then we will immediately move forward. Here is what has transpired:


10/14/04 Prophet of Doom’s Craig Winn on the RUN!


10/25/04 Craig Winn has been *BUSTED* LYING.


11/01/04 Flexible Debate Policy


12/13/04 Craig Winn RUNS from The David Allen's Show invitation to host the debate!


12/21/04 The "Cowardly Lion" Craig Winn Vs. Dr. Zakir Naik: Will it happen?


08/16/05 Craig Winn has finally been apprehended and exposed on the Mike Gallagher radio show (coming soon…)


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