Coward Craig Winn On The Run !

*Update*: Craig Winn EXPOSED by Jalal Abdulrub on nationally syndicated radio show!


Craig "The Coward" Winn, who wrote a silly little book called Prophet of Doom has refused the challenge for a public debate on Islam. This chicken hearted coward knows very well that if he were to accept the challenge of debate, he would be "schooled" badly. His pack of lies and misrepresentations would be uncovered in broad day light. Craig Winn is only willing to do some kind of weird paper exchange. You can imagine the reaction if John Kerry refused to debate George Bush and instead suggested to do some written paper exercises J . Craig Winnís retreat was a terrible embarrassment for his flock of followers, and even worse, he loses credibility and can not be taken seriously.

Craig Winn represents a growing number of Chrisitan "pseudo Islam experts" who are beginning to realize that Muslim scholars, intellectuals and apologists are now hunting them down for the purpose of exposing the misinformation and false scholarship in their works, which they can not defend.

What I found most disturbing about this charlatan, was his rude and offensive smears of Prophet of Islam. In our exchange, This guy thought that he could "score points" by hurling insults and slanders at the Prophet Muhammed (P). This of course, put me in a really bad situation. Because the Noble Quran states:

6:68. And when you (Muhammad SAW) see those who engage in a false conversation about Our Verses (of the Qur'‚n) by mocking at them, stay away from them till they turn to another topic. And if Shait‚n (Satan) causes you to forget, then after the remembrance sit not you in the company of those people who are the Z‚limŻn (polytheists and wrong≠doers, etc.).

Therefore, Muslims are not obligated to take abuse from Christians, rather, we should just get up and leave. Nevertheless, honest criticism on Islam is very much encouraged as stated in Surah 4:82. It is also important to note that simply "returning fire" and slandering Christianity is strictly forbidden in Islam (S. 6:108 , S. 29:46). If you read the exchange, you will see that I tried my best to reach out to Craig Winn and keep things civil and respectful. But Craig Winn was clearly taking advantage of Islamís good will to humanity. Therefore, I had no choice but to terminate the conversation.

But what I found to be amusing, is that Craig Winn is living on Fantasy Island, if he thinks that the Jesus of the Bible can not be mocked and insulted in the very same brutal fashion. I will not engage that type of behavior here, but many ex-Christians who left Craig Winnís faith have accused the God of the Bible (who is actually Jesus!) just about everything he accuses of Prophet Muhammed(P) ! infact, here is a very good website for Craig:


So Mr. Craig Winn, who is the Prophet of Doom now? You got it, your Jesus Christ! Thatís who. Please keep in mind, that Christians believe that Jesus is God, so when you read about the terrorism in the OT, it is Jesus Christ who is giving those dictates. As I have stated in my article, Yes, Hilter was a Christian I have clearly pointed out that the Bible promotes terrorism and genocide. Now, of course, I would refrain from labeling the Jesus Christ of the Bible a terrorist or much worse, because I donít want to be inflammatory to Christians, and I still want to keep a certain level of respect and decorum. The truth is in no need of such vices. To put it bluntly, I donít want to be a Muslim version of Craig Winn.