The "Cowardly Lion" Craig Winn


Dr. Zakir Naik:

Will it happen?

*Update*: Craig Winn EXPOSED by Jalal Abdulrub on nationally syndicated radio show!

I think by now, the point has been made: Craig Winn is afraid to take on knowledgeable Muslims in a debate, because he knows he will get schooled badly. The material in his book, Prophet Of Doom, can very easily be refuted and exposed as a canard. But even worse, the very same arguments can be turned around and used against the Bible!

Therefore, Craig Winn has been inventing all kinds of pathetic excuses and erecting all kinds of barriers to avoid this type of confrontation. First, he put some kind of ridiculous demand of doing some kind of paper exercise, in which I exposed here, Then out of embarrassment, he flip flopped and came with a another ridiculous demand, which stated:

"If you can convince a nationally syndicated radio or television show to host a debate, then a debate we shall have."


"You can arrange a nationally syndicated radio debate with Craig and have the program director call or write him to confirm a schedule."

He completely ignores the fact, that dozens of Muslim Student Organizations at different universities across the country would be more than willing to host the debate. But, I think the reason he refused to debate at colleges and Universities is because he can not find a single Christian student organization that will support him, nor his smut he writes about Islam.

Fine, so I went ahead and contacted a radio show which will host the debate, and I came across The David Allen Show. Now, they might not be nationally syndicated, but, they are radical Christian supporters of Craig Winn, so I don’t think that was a big deal. But, I specifically told you, that Craig Winn is a coward and knows very well that his deception will be exposed and he will be humiliated badly, therefore, he will not debate me. Remember, I told you this.

So, what did this "cowardly lion" do? Craig came up with yet a third pathetic excuse to avoid debating me:

"You are too uncivilized."

Lol!!! J J So, when did this dawn on Craig Winn?? Just now?!?!?! And for the sake of God, what the heck does he mean by me being "too uncivilized"??? I have to admit, I have heard many pathetic excuses in the past, but this one takes the cake. Well, something tells me that even if I were to start sipping my tea with my pinky pointing upwards, Craig Winn will come up with yet a new excuse for avoiding debate.

But no worries, if for some reason someone does not want to debate me, then there are other qualified Muslims. Let me introduce you to a man who needs no introduction:

Dr. Zakir Naik


He will be more than happy to fill my role! All it will take is just one phone call, and the debate is on! So please let me know ASAP!

Now, I think its time to get "uncivilized", with this David Allen. Only after learning about Craig Winn’s cowardly retreat from, David Allen, shocked, attempted to save face and issued the following statement to help out his brother in Christ, Craig Winn:

"It is apparent to me that Nadir is not the sort of person that I have in mind for speaking on the side of Islam in any eventual debate."

It is Muslims who decide whom THEY want to speak on the side of Islam. Not the hostile Christians. Thus, a great Evangelical hoax has been exposed: The Christian Islam bashers are the ones who have been determining who and who will not represent Islam.. but the Muslims are not allowed to select who they want to represent Islam!!! This is outrageous! And it appears that David Allen and Craig Winn have already sat down and selected a dummy Muslim to represent Islam:

"Actually, Nadir, the truth is far more revealing. I am going to debate an Islamic scholar on the David Allen Show, but not you"

But the Muslims have already selected whom they want to represent Islam, and we want Dr. Zakir Naik, and we want him NOW.

And finally, "the cowardly lion" wrote:

"Your words and spirit reflect the dark and demonic nature of your god."

Craig Winn