I think itís time these "riddlers" of Answering Islam (who are also staunch supporters of Israel) and their false apologetics against Islam filled with riddles, brain twisters, and absurdities continue to be exposed openly in public debates as has been done beautifully in the past. As I have stated earlier in my article, that Iím not going to juggle thousands of objections from various different topics all in one debate as Sam "The Sham" Shamoun has suggested, and on top of all of that, prove that Islam is true all in one debate J J J . This of course, is the true position of the weak, because they know they donít have a single sound argument in their favor, therefore, if you can not win them, "shotgun" them with a thousand different topics and pray that you might break even! Sorry Shamoun, I won't play your game. Oh? Am I wrong? Go ahead, why don't you open up your vault, and let me in. I mean of course, let me go skim throuh website, and let me pick one of your worthless papers and let's debate it. What's wrong? Are you scared? :) I on the other hand, would gladly welcome this same inivitation on my website, ! That's the difference. It's just as easy as that. Having said that, here is my open challenge to debate the following:


Is Muhammed(PBUH) a Prophet debate series:

First night: "Preservation of Quran"

Second night: "Does Christianity or Islam promote Terrorism?"

Third night: "God in Islam and Christianity"

Fourth night: "Is the Bible reliable?"

Fifth night: "Why should we believe in Paul?"

Sixth night: "Is there really any evidence for Christianity?"

Seventh "Scientific and Archaeological evidences for Islam"



Unfortunately, I'm certain, that the entire Answering Islam cast will run like cowards from this challenge, yet they will still continue to manufacture thousands of pages of false propaganda against Islam. Therefore, this challenge is open to all.

Nadir Ahmed