Attacks From The Quacks Responds.





So, what do all these quack websites have in common? The answer is, they have all engaged in attacks against, yet… *all* of them immediately backed down and have fallen into retreat when presented  with an invitation for a balanced debate in the public arena! The reason is simple, what they believe are lies, and liars don’t debate, it’s like committing suicide, rather when confronted they will run, very much like O.J. Simpson. And because of this predisposition, these quack websites were forced to embrace a cowardly posture, in which they throw stones from very far away. Here is our response to them:







Response to

Update: Saturday, December 22, 2007:  In response to the following article against


I talked to Glen Reinsford over the phone, and we will be having a discussion/debate/dialogue next year.






Response to

 The Bible or the Quran, which is God’s True Word? Both Muslims and Christian have been calling for this debate, and have sent both websites emails asking for this debate to take place. I graciously accepted their offer, James White of backed down immediately. It was a big let down for everyone. Yet what I find strange, is that even though James White is obviously scared to face me, he also appears to be obsessed with me as he devoted a considerable amount of time talking about me on his radio show  and website ( * ), ( * ), I mean… I don’t even know who this guy is. Yet several listeners of his show, contacted me and him requesting for honest and balanced debate on the truth claims of Islam and Christianity. As I mentioned, I welcome the invitation, but when I contacted James White, he was very evasive and made it clear that he did not want to talk to me (yet he wants to talk about me on his show). He started posing riddles to me which can be summed up something like this:


No, I refuse to debate,

but you are inviting yourself on my show for your views to state,

But don’t ask for fair and balanced discussion involving fair time because that would mean it is a debate!



When he told me that “I was inviting myself on his show”, and started speaking in riddles, It became clear to me that he is avoiding me at all costs, and is trying to save face for his viewers and not appear to them as if he is running from me (which the already accused him of).  Therefore, I don’t believe in forcing myself on anyone, if someone does not want to talk to me, that is fine, and I discontinued any correspondence with him.


Nevertheless, will entertain *ALL* discussions, criticisms and debate regarding Islam, anywhere from challenging the credibility of the Quran to questioning the validity of the claim of prophethood of Prophet Muhammed(P), to challenging the solid scientific, historical and archaeological evidence which demonstrates that the Quran is indeed the Word of God. NO QUESTIONS ARE OFF LIMIT. Now, our challenge is, can James White match our offer with his Christianity? I think we all know the answer… NO.

Therefore, because of his inability to answer the tougher questions, and the Islamic challenge which threatens the blind faith of Christianity all the while willing millions of converts from Christianity to Islam right in front of his eyes, James White took to flight and is now out of sight.


1/16/2006 James White responds but avoids our challenge, and our response to him.




Response to

 This is another hate website owned by Parvin Darabi. She the only one here who has a valid excuse for running from debate: Unfortunately, she is not mentally fit to stand trial. Let me explain. I called her up to discuss the possibility of our websites to have a balanced discussion in the public arena, and what took place next shocked me to the core. As soon as I said, “hello, hi.. is this a good time..” she cut me off and began to shrill and scream violently, in such a horrifying manor that I felt the butterflies hit my stomach. By Allah, I have never heard anything like that before, and it scared the hell out of me. I remained dead silent as the shrills intensified as she accused me of killing her sister and cursed Islam, as she spit into phone yelling and screaming, then after about five minutes, hung up. I contemplated calling 911, as I feared that she fell into cardiac arrest, but then later ruled against it.


Therefore, I am the one who is going to call off any exchange with her. Mark my words, any public exchange of views with Parvin Darabi will wind up in disaster, and it will get very ugly, there is no way Parvin Darabi will be able to maintain her composure for longer than 5 minutes, before all sides will agree to abort the debate, and leave the premises immediately.


Nevertheless, Parvin Darabi lies and deception against Islam will be exposed as we will find more qualified candidates for the job. We also invite like minded people who may support Parvin Darabi to partake in our $5000.01 dollar challenge if they can show a single objective evidence for feminism which contrasts Islam. As we stated, feminism is very much like Christianity in which it demands 100% blind faith from its adherents. There is no need to respond point by point to the false information present by, because as you can read from her letter to me, her position regarding Islam is clear: I am right BECAUSE I SAID SO! Therefore there is no need to hear from you.



Regarding, the following observations have been made: 


ü       Complete refusal to entertain any debate regarding his/her views. As of Saturday, January 14, 2006 we are not aware of a single instance of where the site owner has participated in any forum or debate, which brings his/her views regarding Islam into question by qualified critics.


ü       The website is complete one sided, little to almost no cross examination of the website’s arguments or claims.


ü       As a result of blocking out all debate and adequate representation of the opposing party, the website owner has been able to conjure up a spectacular world of fantasy fiction, as the site owner is presented as a “knight in shining armor” doing battle with the forces of evil.



In conclusion, an astounding reality is slowly beginning to be emerge out of the thick fog of lies and false doctrines, as we have examined several websites:,,,,

 Out of all the 5 websites presented above, only ONE is ready for honest, open debate and discussion. Only one of these websites displays the confidence and boldness to allow the spotlight of investigation on all truth claims, and that website is  And, this is what we know about the truth, the one who possess the truth backed by undisputable solid evidence have nothing to fear from challengers and skeptics alike. However, it the liars which have wobbly legs and maintain a retreat posture. And that is why people of old coined the phrase:


“Lies have no legs…” 


So! We invite you the reader to look at our legs, and then look at their legs, and you will see a world of difference.



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