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From the desk of Nadir Ahmed:

August 28, 2008: Video Debate: Can we trust the New Testament? Some Christians believe there are hard facts which support the New Testament... but is it really true?

April 20, 2008: Borat is BACK. But this time... he is pissed. He goes by the nickname Christian_prince, and runs a website called "Investigate Islam", but the only problem is, that this poor foolish Arab Christian forgot to investigate his own religion:

Debate: Islam, Christianity and Terrorism:

(2 hours)

Feburary 18, 2008: "We're going back in"... two years ago we were invited for the Virginia Beach debate, well... we are returning back to Virginia Beach for another debate, as James White on his radio show has challenged me to debate Has the New Testament been corrupted?, which will take place on March 21, 2008. Of course... I accepted. I wouldn't miss this for the world ;)

June 27, 2007: Decoding and debunking Irshad Manji's disgusting riddle:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Imperial power may kill Muslims,

but Muslims kill Muslims too!

ExamineTheTruth.com's response.

April 15, 2007: The debate in Kansas City was a great success, in fact, CAIR posted the following article about the debate.

February 06, 2007: Debate announcement - Dr. James Maxwell has invited me to debate on the topics:

"Islam vs. New Testament Christianity"


"God's plan for Salvation in Islam and Christianity"

The debate will be held at: Roswell Church of Christ, Kansas City, MO.

Friday, March 2, 2007 7:00 pm

Saturday, March 3, 2007 5:00 pm

This debate was initiated by Melvin Thomas of Shreveport, Louisiana, a devout Christian who heard the The Virginia Beach Debate and immediately declared Islam the winner of the debate. However, he has firm belief that Dr. James Maxwell will be able to challenge the truth claims of Islam. He will be present at the debate in Kansas City, and has already booked his airline tickets.

Oh, and hey... about the pic of me, look... I never claimed to be pretty, but I know I aint as ugly as Robert Spencer! ( * ) :-)

January 20, 2007: I was just doing some 'spring cleaning' and I came across an interesting newspaper clipping. When I was a Religious Studies major at Bradley University back in 1998, I was awoken one Sunday morning by a phone call exactly at 9:00 AM from a local Pastor named David Beck. My mom came to my room and handed me the cordless phone while I was still in bed. Half awake, I said.. "Hellloooooow?". Apparently, the Pastor attended an event at the college in which I debated the truth claims of Islam and Christianity. He called me to challenge me to a debate on "The Quran or the Bible, which is God's Word?". I said..."umm... ok.. sure" and went back to sleep.
Anyhow, the debate was a great success as hundreds of people packed the church,where the event took place at. One in particular, was the editor in chief of a ICC college newspaper and she wrote up a review of the event, so I thought I might share it with you: Sarah T. Clark's review of Quran vs. Bible debate. I think it's good to get an unbias appraisal of the debate.

December 07, 2006: After listening to the The Virginia Beach Debate some have requested me to provide a reference to back up my claim, in which I stated that the lost city of Iram mentioned in the Quran (Surah 89:9) was discovered in an Archaelogical dig. That reference would be the National Geographic, December, 1978. I happen to have a copy of that edition and have scanned images of it, which you can download here: National_Geographics_Dec_1978.pdf. The reference is on page 3 of the pdf document.

August 19, 2006: The Virginia Beach Debate. How do we really know Islam is true?

February 09, 2006: We have arrived at a verdict. I hope Pat Robertson is listening.

January 15, 2006: Attacks From The Quacks, and we respond. Know the ExamineTheTruth.com difference. It has been confirmed, Ali Sina was indeed caught lying again. We have updated our challenge on the bottom of the page.

December 27, 2005: Evidence for the Supernatural. This might get a bit technical, but it will give the skeptic fewer places to hide.

October 17, 2005: Ergun Caner... uncut, uncensored, and unveiled.

September 14, 2005: Message in a bottle to... Jesse Petrilla.

August 29, 2005: Filled with anger and vengence, Ali Sina tries to take another swing at me, but misses. I don't think he likes me :(

August 6, 2005:The problem with Dr. Ravi Zacharias. Responding to a Christian's concern.

July 11, 2005:Answering-Islam.orgs Christian_prince also known as Christianity's Borat humiliated in debate, then RUNS AWAY!!! Another one bites the dust.

June 25, 2005:Evangelical Christians declare Nadir Ahmed of ExamineTheTruth.com to be Demonic! You know, even as a kid, I always knew there was something wierd about me...

June 21, 2005: Sorry for time lag, here is my latest:Debunking an age old Christian hoax: Dressing modestly has nothing to do with sexuality according to the Bible!

May 13, 2005: Silencing The False Propaganda Of Irshad Manji. Enough is enough. It's time to confront the distortions and misrepresentations of Irshad Manji and her mighty propaganda machine.

May 4, 2005: Yet, another groan for Sam "The Sham" Shamoun. It just keeps getting worse for him. Now, his own Christians are rejecting his so-called "defense of Christianity" and are grudgingly in favor with our clear evidence regarding Jesus obeying Satan.

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