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Nadir Ahmed chases Sam "The Sham" Shamoun out of chatrooms, as Shamoun all of a sudden loses his microphone to avoid debating ExamineTheTruth.com!


Shameless Shamoun wrote:

Summary: As we knew all long, Nadir tried to back down again from yet another topic we both agreed in front of witnesses in Paltalk on May 1, 2004. Having run away from debating me on Muhammad's prophethood for over a year now by making every possible lame excuse, I finally gave in and agreed to debate his topic of choice, the Quran and Science. Yet after agreeing to debate this topic, Nadir comes back the next day on May 2, 2004, and decides to change the topic, obviously because he knew I would defeat him for a second time. I clearly said that we would debate on just how corrupt the Quran is, and promised to further refute his weak arguments, but insisted that he first stick to the assigned topic. Nadir refused and started to make excuses. Nadir is obviously afraid and, after his first humiliation, will seek any reason to avoid debating me.




Complete lies!! I have never backed down from any debate, I have always agreed to debate Prophethood of Muhammed(P) anytime …. anywhere, and have done so on many occassions. As for Quran and Science, Shameless Shamoun is the coward on the run!! He only posted select conversations we had! I have agreed to debate him on Quran and Science first, but he MUST agree to debate preservation of the Quran. Thus far he refused to do so. I have sent MANY people to him asking him to get these 2 debates on now, but it is Shameless Shamoun has REFUSED TO RESPOND to this challenge! The reason why I want this shameless chickenhearted coward to debate me on preservation of the Quran is very simple: Shameless Shamoun met me in a restraunt and we had this debate, within minutes, I refuted his lies and deception to the point that Shameless Shamoun could not answer! So what did he do? The answer will shock you J Shameless Shamoun started yelling and screaming like a baby, then got his silly articles together and RAN OUT OF THE RESTRAUNT. I followed him out into parking lot, but Shamoun would not come back in the restraunt and debate me. That was the LAST TIME I ever saw Shameless Shamoun face to face. So that was the first time he ran from me.

The second time he ran from me, was in the debate we had which you can download from my website. I challenged him, and stated that the NEXT debate will be on preservation of the Quran! I stated this early. This Shameless charlatin, REMAINED SILENT, which lead me to the conclusion, that we see eye to eye, and this will be debated next. Only to find out later, that he is NOT willing to debate me on the preservation of the Quran, and he was trying to pull some smoke screen which I documented here . So, that was the second time.

Now, we have reached a third moment, uptil now this Shameless chickenhearted coward has cleaverly evaded me twice, AND I CAN NOT ALLOW HIM TO RUN FOR A THIRD TIME. I simply can not allow it. Therefore, I stated to him, that he MUST commit to the debating on the perservation of the Quran. Thus far, Shameless Shamoun has REFUSED! I specifically stated, I will debate Science first, but you must commit to debating preservation of the Quran!!. As for this chat discussion he is displaying, most likely it is a forgery. Because I specifically remember him not agreeing to this, and that is why the debates have not taken place yet.

So what are we arguing about!!!! If Shameless Shamoun is now agreeing that he will debate both topics, then LETS GET IT ON!!!

Here are the 2 topics to be debated:

1.    Quran and Modern Science.

2.  Preservation of the Quran.


Enough of these war of words. Lets get these 2 debates going on NOW. But before we do that, we are going to need to meet and settle this matter of who is the liar and deciever. Therefore, the ball is in Shameless Shamoun’s court. And lets not have these 2 debates stop there!! Lets continue and start listing our topics we want to debate. Shamoun lists a topic, then I will list one. And we will go back and forth. I will already state what is my next topic:



What is the true temptation of Christ?


I have debated this already with www.Tektonics.org which you can find on the bottom of my article:


Now Shameless Shamoun can not cry that I was taking advantage of his ignorance, because he has my rebuttals. Infact, I offer my material to all those who ask upon request, so that person can be prepared. That is Shameless Shamoun’s game, because that is the only way he can win. I will also try to accomidate any need or requirment Shameless Shamoun requests. So no excuses! Inshallah from this debate, it will be clear, the true way of Jesus of the Bible, and the type of decadence which the Bible promotes. This is the true temptation of Christ, and the true attraction to Christianity.

In conclusion to this point, not only did I chase Shameless Shamoun out of that restraunt, but after I humiliated him in my debate, I also chased him off paltalk.com!!!!

Let me explain, this bumbling idiot one day walked into a chatroom not knowing that I was in that room and speaking on the microphone. There were also many of his faithfull flock in that room. Out of fear of my wrath, he then tried to kiss my ass by being nice to me, saying, "congradulations, you have your own room". But his sweet words did not fool me. I immediately told him to shut up, and to take the microphone and I will expose his lies and deception again! Shamoun then took the mic and said that he would beat me. I took the mic after him and said, "I will wipe my ass with you!", then stated for us to begin the debate!!! Upon seeing this, Shameless Shamoun RAN OUT OF THE ROOM JUST LIKE HE DID AT THE RESTRAUNT!!! After shameless Shamoun ran like a coward from me, I then began to taunt his faithful followers who witnessed his flight, they were dead silient… and embarrassed. J

In addition to that, on many occasions Shameless Shamoun would enter into chatrooms where he would spew his lies against Islam using a microphone. He has been barking like a dog on paltalk.com for many months using a microphone. I immediatlely marched into these chatrooms where he was hanging out and directly challenged him to debate, in which I would openly declare that I would expose his lies and deception!!! Did you know what was his response? Shameless Shamoun claimed that he did NOT have a microphone now!!! Where the hell did his microphone go??? And from that point on, he never spoke again!!! I then met him several time in chatrooms challenging this coward to a debate, but he would say, "I don’t have a mic." On other occassions, I then asked him to come into my chatrooms and just participate in the discussion by typing, and I promised him that I would not expose his lies and deception, but Shameless Shamoun REFUSED!!! It got to the point that I had to beg him to come into my room, but till this day, Shameless Shamoun systematically refused. Therefore, he is no hunter as he dreams. This is just a small sample of the chickenhearted nature of this shameless coward.



Shameless Shamoun wrote:


Isn't it amazing: The name of Muhammad has completely disappeared!


What is this clown talking about?


Shameless Shamoun wrote:

Isn't it rather strange that NA considers questions like "Is the Bible reliable?", "Why should we believe in Paul?", and "Is there really any evidence for Christianity?" to be relevant subtopics when investigating the answer to "Is Muhammad a Prophet?"


These are directly related to this topic!!! If the Bible is uncorrupt, then Muhammed(P) can not be a Prophet! Because the Quran contradicts the Bible! And if Paul was a true Prophet, then that would also contradict the Quran… etc. but if Shameless Shamoun would like, he can also add issues of his choice which is related to the topic. But notice the deception of Shameless Shamoun! Why doesn’t he just say, YES and debate the topics listed in my challenge??? Notice the topics are very well defined and I can not see any other reason why some one would not just accept my proposal, unless…. THEY ARE HIDING SOMETHING!!! I intentionally try to make a debate proposal very fair, soo there can be no excuse from running! Therefore, as I pointed out my refutation, this is a catastrophic success, this is a another clear proof that this Shameless liar Shamoun can not defend ANYTHING of his beliefs, nor can he defend a single argument on his website! Let me repeat, Not a single argument.



Shameless Shamoun wrote:

And, in order to deceive his readers and hide the fact that he ran away from his own proposed topic, he has omitted his challenge to first debate "Scientific and Archaeological evidences for Islam" and placed it on the bottom of the list! His challenge page now displays this sequence:


Lol, here Shameless Shamoun is trying to split hairs, by trying to pin anything on me. I have already stated, that all of the topics are open for change. That is why I proposed to you the following:

Here are the 2 topics to be debated:

1. Quran and Modern Science.

2.  Preservation of the Quran.

This is not in the order which I stated either! Therefore, this list is a work in progress. I would love for Shameless Shamoun to contribute to this list. I would love for Shameless Shamoun to bring forth something perhaps an article to add to this list. But he will not. Because he CAN NOT. Because he doesn’t have a valid argument against Islam, nor a can he defend his Bible. All he can do is quible.




Shameless Shamoun wrote:

I was more than willing to refute his arguments on the Quran's alleged preservation,


Shameless Shamoun is lying again. I have sent this proposal to him MANY TIMES but he has not responded to them. But anways, what are we agruing about? If we both agree, then LETS GET IT ON!!!!


Shameless Shamoun wrote:

Note: In his first published article ("Answering Islam on the run!"), NA put the scientific issue three times into his list of subtopics:

... all of the following sub topics are directly related to Is Muhammed(P) a Prophet:

Preservation of the Quran

Moon God myth

alleged inconsistencies

alleged scientific errors

are Arabs ishmaelite

Scientific miracles


Cosmology ... (bold emphasis ours)

Yet, in the above quoted Paltalk exchange, he now claims that the preservation of the Quran

... is a CORE topic, science is not, in fact, it is not even related to "is Muhammed(P) a Prophet?" because even if there was no science, he could still be a Prophet (bold emphasis ours)

What is it? Is science now "directly related" to Muhammad’s prophethood, or is it not related at all? It is very obvious that NA contradicts himself over and over again in his attempt to run away from debating the topics he himself agreed to originally.




The problem here is that Shameless Shamoun did not let me finish my statement. The answer to his question is yes, and no. If the science proves the Quran is miraculous, then yes it is related to the topic. But if we don’t find any science in the Quran, then no, it has no bearing on Is Muhammed(P) a Prophet, science related statements are not a prerequisite for a man being a Prophet(P)



Shameless shamoun wrote:

Afterwards NA retracts, asks to see Sam Shamoun's debate material before the debate, and then refuses to do this debate at all.



This is another Shameless lie, what I told Shamoun was to narrow down the topic,and pick an article from his website, and lets debate that, upon that, SHAMOUN RUFUSED!!! But anyways, I on the other hand am more than happy to give out my material to the person I debate. Debates should be won based on the facts being solid and irrifutable, not because your opponent was not familiar with a issue. But, this is Shamoun's only defense! Because, he does not have a solid argument against Islam, nor a solid argument for the Bible.



Shameless shamoun wrote:

Ever since Nadir Ahmed has been desperately trying to avoid this particular debate. At the same time, he made every attempt to save face both for his avoidance of this debate and for his poor performance in the debate that did take place

Step one of operation "damage control": NA published the above discussed article "Answering Islam on the run!" in order to make people believe that it is actually Sam Shamoun who seeks to make this debate impossible and who is running away from this debate. Furthermore, he claims that in his first debate he humiliated Sam Shamoun because he did not answer properly to couple of points. All this is answered in the above.

Still desperately trying to sell his smokescreen, Nadir Ahmed published "Challenge To Debate". His proposed subtopics for the "Is Muhammad a Prophet" debate series do not even mention the name of Muhammad. It is obvious that NA does not want to debate any aspect directly related to the person of Muhammad.

Sam Shamoun and Nadir Ahmed agree to debate the topic "Quran and Science" on Paltalk.

Nadir Ahmed retracts again. Contradicting his earlier statements, NA now claims science is actually not even
relevant for Muhammad's prophethood. Instead he demands a debate on the preservation of the Quran.




Shamoun is on fantasy island. These pack of lies have already been refuted in our scilencing the barkng dog series, you can scroll up to see how I systmatically exposed these myths, and now everyone can see, that what Shameless Shamoun accuses me of, are nothing but a projection of himself!

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