Silencing The Barking Dog:
Sam "The Sham" Shamoun

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After nearly ONE WHOLE YEAR on the run, Christianity’s "bad boy" Sam Shamoun now has some very tough talk, jam packed with some of the worst lying, horrendous deception and gross misrepresentations. Folks, you have to see it to believe it!

The following is Sam "The Sham" Shamoun a.k.a Shameless Shamoun so called response to me:

And here are my responses to the barking dog, I have broken it up into 9 main parts:

part 1: Answering Islam forced to admit JESUS OBEYED SATAN, and we have it on tape

part 2: Answering Islam bids farewell to Morey, Sina and Slick

part 3: TAKE THE ACID TEST: find out who is the real liar.

part 4: Who really is running from debating is Muhammed(P) a Prophet?

part 5: Shameless Shamoun caught in another LIE !

part 6: Shameless Shamoun caught in another ghastly LIE!! This is embarrassing!!!

part 7: Shameless Shamoun was indeed exposed as a liar. Retrial request denied.

part 8: Shameless Shamoun caught LYING about Surah 4:157!

part 9: Dude…. Where’s my mic??

part 9.52: Challenge to Doug Beaumont.


In conclusion, Inshallah, after examining the evidence for yourself, I believe that you will see very clearly that Shameless Shamoun, has a mental illness. In my 8+ years "on the job", I have never encountered such a sickness which Shamoun is suffering from. God is my witness. This very strange sickness is, that Shameless Shamoun openly LIES with such confidence, such boldness, with such vigor, all the while, knowing very well, that a person can easily find out the truth and discover him to be a shameless liar! I have never, seen such a disturbing mental illness as the this one which Shameless Shamoun is suffering from. And Allah knows best.

Answering Islam Responds:

The Shamounion Dance

Answering Islam RUNS from in direct confrontation!

Dumb and Dumber: Refuting Jochen"The Joker" Katz

Update: As of June 1, 2005 has refused to respond any rebuttals nor respond to counter challenges, and has systematically avoided any confrontations with

Therefore, case closed.

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