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It just keeps getting worse for the hate monger, Sam Shamoun. I’m reaching a point, where I am actually starting to feel sorry for him. If you recall, I exposed a serious contradiction in the Bible, Jesus obeyed Satan which showed that it was impossible for Jesus of the Bible to be sinless and Sam Shamoun attempted to refute it, but failed miserably. As usual, no matter how bad he gets beat, he always jumps up in the air and shouts victory, as he did in our debate. But now, his own “flock” is starting to turn on him, and rejecting his so-called refutations.


In the Jesus obeyed Satan article, I referenced a Christian website to give some background information on the Christian doctrine of Jesus being sinless. Well, it turned out that one of the website’s writer, E.L. Davis, discovered that I was linking to him, and read the debate between me and Sam Shamoun, and made a startling confession. After sometime, he revised his page, and issued the following statement:


Jesus Christ was the perfect sin offering, for the sins of all humanity, because he was without the spot and blemish of original sin and personal sin. Although he was God manifested in flesh, he was also fully man, and therefore, because of his humanity, was able to sin. Resisting every temptation from Satan and the weakness of his flesh, he is the only person who has never sinned.

The author of this Christian site has rejected Shamoun’s poor rebuttal and has grudgingly come forward and agreed with the evidence which I have presented. But, he tries to be evasive on this by intentionally confusing the reader by first admitting, yes, Jesus was human and is able to sin, then he states he is the “only person who has never sinned”.  Thus, E.L. Davis is desperately trying to hold on to Christianity, which is dangling in front of him by a mere thread, and at the same time , he is trying to reconcile the problem of Jesus obeying Satan. Thus E.L. Davis is trying to perform an amazing balancing act.

But E.L. Davis’s attempt to harmonize the contradiction does not work at all for several reasons. First, no where in the Bible does it say that Jesus is God and man, and these two entities get separated so much to the point, that Jesus’s human portion wanders off leaving his God portion to go and commit sins. If this was true, then that would mean we have 2 Jesus walking on the earth. One human Jesus, and one God Jesus. In addition to that, if we were to somehow assume that Jesus was not God when he obeyed and followed Satan, then that would mean that Christians will have to revise their theology to Jesus is God SOMETIMES, sometimes Jesus is not God. But as I mentioned, the Bible does not teach such an outrageous story. Rather, when Jesus was following the commands of Satan, it was BOTH God and man who followed and obeyed Satan according to Christian theology.

In conclusion, Jesus obeyed Satan and is therefore not sinless, yet, other portions of the Bible claims Jesus is not sinless. This is an irreconcilable contradiction in the Bible. We have seen more than one attempt from Christians in trying to harmonize this, but none offer any reasonable explanation. I hope that Sam “The Sham” Shamoun will stop putting up his act of “defeating everyone he debates”, because his own Christians are coming forward and ignoring his pathetic explanations. Simply put, now it appears no one is buying Shamoun’s bull. Therefore, I would appeal to the Christian readers to ponder over this issue, an honest appraisal will only lead to two conclusions:

1.       Either this story of Jesus obeying Satan is a complete forgery, which is not unusual for the New Testament, please keep in mind that is the case of John 8:1-11, the ending of Mark, and a whole host of other passages have been declared by the earliest manuscript evidence to be forgeries.

2.       Christianity can not be true, because the Bible presents a God who follows and obeys the command of Satan. Therefore, Jesus is not sinless which would contradict other passages which teach Jesus was sinless.

The choice is yours my friend.


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