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TOPIC: "What the Quran says about the Bible (corrupt or uncorrupt)"?


COMMENTS: Sam Shamoun of Answering-Islam.org (a pro-Israeli website) has written several articles in which he believes that the Quran claims that the Bible is 100% pure and 100% uncorrupt and 100% truth. The Answering Islam website became soo convinced of their own arguments, that they thought they could prove it in a public debate against ExamineTheTruth.com. Therefore, we gave them their "day in court". In this debate, Sam Shamoun had the burden of prove the following proposition:

"The Quran claims that the Bible is 100% pure and 100% uncorrupt and 100% Truth"

ExamineTheTruth.com's only responsibility was to refute what Shamoun presented as evidence and give Answering Islam the opportunity to make their case, nothing more. After over two hours of Sam Shamoun tirelessly presenting so-called evidence from Islamic sources only to be refuted and debunked one by one, ExamineTheTruth.com decided to finish him off and deliver Shamoun the death blow (Surah 4:157). Shamoun found himself trapped, and no where to hide, furious and humiliated, Shamoun had no choice but to
admit defeat. This was a crushing blow to the entire Answering Islam team and their Evangelical supporters, as they believed that this argument was their most prized and best argument against Islam, which could not be challenged by any Muslim! As a result of this terrible defeat, Answering Islam has refused to publish this debate on their website clearly. And please don't forget to listen to the question and answer period (from 2 hr 07 min - 2 hr 56 min of the debate) in which Sam Shamoun was hammered forcing him to admit defeat!


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