Mike Licona is a COPYCAT!








And on a humorous note... this guy Mike Licona is copying my one-liners which I use in my debates! Btw, Mike Licona is David Wood's close friend. So, you might say,"ok Nadir.. your just being silly... where is your evidence that Mike is a copycat?"


Well, here is the evidence: If you were to hear some of my debates, you will see that I have my own unique way of talking. For example, in several of my debates when I feel I have established enough proof in which my opponent cannot respond... I will announce in the middle of the debate,  "This debate is over!". Some have even criticized me for saying this in the debate, but that is my style. Here are a couple of examples of me using my coin phrase:


Download Now. MP3



Download Now. MP3



Four months after The Virginia Beach debate in which he watched his close friend David Wood gets ‘owned’, Mike Licona copies my style and starts using it in his debates, you can hear him here:


Download Now. MP3


But on a side note, we see here that, Mike Licona carefully ducked one of Islam's top apologists in America (me), and goes after someone who he think would be an easier opponent (but he was not). However, I mentioned in the Virginia Beach debate, that I was looking for him to expose his fraudulent evidence regarding the resurrection of Jesus, but Mike Licona *refused* to debate me, and goes after someone whom he perceived as less skilled.


But anyways… you know, now, I don't even feel like using that phrase again after hearing Mike's rip off. Thanks a lot Mike.



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