Ali Sina caught in a atrocious LIE. decided to call Ali Sina's bluff, and take him on regarding his challenge:

"I invite you to disprove my accusations of Muhammad and Islam. If you can show that what I say is unfounded I promise to remove this site not before confessing that I was wrong and Islam is a true religion." - Ali Sina



Ali Sina stated the following in our online debate :

"Muhammad and his followers destroyed all the books that belonged to the pre Islamic era of "jahiliyyah". If no other book prior to Muhammad mentions this city it is because Muhammad burned those books."

My response:

What the..... this is a complete LIE !!!!!!! Now, Ali Sina , by the grace of God, you have been exposed as a liar just like Robert Morey:

I am challenging you.... to show your evidence for this statement which you have made, if you can not, then this will expose you as a liar once and for all.

rather, we have several examples of PRE ISLAMIC POETRY:

Ali Sina

"The history reports the burning of the libraries in virtually all the countries that Muslims invaded. The most famous one of then was the huge library of Alexandria."

My response:

Prophet Muhammed(P) DID NOT burn this library down, NOR did he ever teach to burn libraries! You know that very well Ali Sina. Do not try to divert our attention to irrelevant information. Furthermore, this library existed in Egypt, not Arabia! What library was burned in Arabia? You specifically accused the Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammed(P), and you claimed ALL THE LIBRARIES.


"According to Taha Hussain Muslims destroyed all pre Islamic books and then fabricated poetries and words to justify the errors of the grammar of the Quran."

Quite frankly, Taha Hussain …..and Paul Newton can kiss my brown #$@.

Furthermore, these clowns never claimed that Prophet Muhammed(P) destroyed pre Islamic books. Dear God, you lied on Taha Hussain also???? Is there any end to your distortions??



"Mr. Ahmed asks me to remove my website if I can’t prove what I say is true. I have proven everything I say about Muhammad and the Quran is true"

You have proved NOTHING. You have not shown us that PROPHET MUHAMMED(P) WAS INVOLVED IN BOOK BURNINGS, AND DESTROYED ALL BOOKS IN ARABIA AS YOU FALSLY ACCUSED HIM OF. NOR HAVE YOU SHOWN US ANY TEACHING FROM ISLAM WHICH TELLS MUSLIMS TO BURN PRE ISLAMIC BOOKS. All you have done, is shown everyone who reads this post that you are a worse liar than our original prognoses. Not only that, but you do not hesitate to twist facts and read into texts WHAT IS NOT THERE. Folks, Remember what I have said about this foul man and his lying and misrepresentation…… it is his Nature.

And this is why we at knew that our original challenge to Ali Sina was a "sure thing",it was not a gamble at all on our part, because, believe me, just like Dr. Robert Morey, we know people like Ali Sina better than they know themselves, and it was going to be only a matter of time…………… till we catch them.


ALI SINA GONE WILD: Caught in another terrible lie!!


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